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Remember I told you I was busy for the past few weeks?  Yeap, this is one of the main agenda in my so called *busy-list*.  I think after this I got not much activities dy… Hehhehe.. Actually, I register for the competition under Malacca region (Registration was a few months before the competition date) for a few reasons and the main one being:-

  • Its like 45 minutes to my hometown and hence I can make a trip back to visit my family cos its like ages since I went back.  (Note : End of the day I didn’t go back because I was down with flu a day before the competition)
  • I might not be able to make it for the regional showdown in KlangValley on 22-23 November.  I’ve got two agenda on my list on that weekend.  First being A1 Race @ Sepang that I might be going andI’ve got a Company Go-Kart Event to attend @ Shah Alam Stadium.

So there you go… and this blur-devil ended up in Malacca on a Sunday morning @ 10am for registration @ Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca.  I’m not too sure about the parking charges so we parked at Equatorial Hotel, located next to the mall.  =)  MSIG Samurai Sudoku Showdown, here comes the devil!

The set-up of the event for this competition was similar to the one I attended last year @ One Utama.  Still remember my post?  Only thing is that the competition area (in terms of size) is much much smaller.  Under the Individual category, there was approximate 129 participants who registered andapproximately 70 odds turn up for the competition.  Round1 of the competition is actually meant for Elimination Round(Differs from last year, as last year was a one-to-one knock-off round) and its divided into two parts as the seats are not able to accommodate all of them.  As usual, participants who registered early will get Part 1 and so on.  =)

Event set-up similar as last year

Registration is separated accordingly to Alphabet (of your name)

Organisers having some discussion before the event

The survival-kit-not to the competition.  Its actually a notebook with sudoku puzzles and MSIG pen

Not forgetting the Samurai headband (I didn’t wear it this year, though) cos I only spotted less than 3 person wearing it.  Last year, it was compulsory

Ok, now my turn to be in the picture la… Excuse my tired look (but still excited la)

Oh, still need to stick the warrior detail on “yourself”.

During the Round 1, a classic 9*9 grid is given to all participants to solve it within the time limit of 10 minutes.  Frankly speaking I think the difficulty is of Medium difficulty.  Still okie la.  When I reach the 4thminute with only 2 blanks cell to fill in, I realise there was a repetitious number!!!! I tell you, when you see double digits in a Sudoku competition, its not a joke, its a nightmare!  Immediately I erased the whole puzzle and start solving the puzzle all over again and manage to submit in at the 7thminute plus.  Gosh, I can feel my heart jumping out of the devil’s mouth!

Ok, endof the day all the participants finished Round 1 andit was stream down to approximately 36 participant to continue withthe Round2!  Round2 is similar to Round 1 and all participants is required to finish a classic Sudoku puzzles.  I manage to submit at approx 4th minute and this kinda boost my confidence a bit la.  Andthe organiser’s announced that 21 participants from Round 2 make it to the Finals!  But But but, a freaking 5 hours later!  I was like, errrr… what am I supposed to do for 5 hours in Malacca?

So while trying to figure out what is in the menu for lunch, we search high and low, contemplating to go Mahkota and finally realised that there is actually a cinema in Dataran Pahlawan.  Knowing that the new cinema is operated by GSC, makes us felt so much better too.  So we purchase tickets to watch Eagle Eye.  Anyone of you who haven’t watch this show, you should.  I think its nice even though the story line looks so familiar.  Minority report?

Anyway, we went for lunch at this restaurant Taro – D’melting pot.  The reason we choose this restaurant cos its one of the decent-looking restaurant.  But that is just the beginning of our wrong judgement.  The settings of the restaurant was cosy but small.  I can actually almost felt the girls next to me breathe.  Ok maybe i’m a bit exaggerating but just put it this way, its near lor.  I don’t find it funny.

Restaurant Taro

Then we went on to  make our orders, the menu pictures were pretty impressive than the food.  Since we had steaks the previous day, we were reluctant to stuff ourselves with more red meat.  Instead we order two pasta, Spaghetti Carbonara and Fettucine with Gratinated Smoked Salmon.  Sounds impressive.  Not the taste though.  Spaghetti was too thick (I don’t know why but thicker than the normal spaghetti) and the Fettucine was filled with flour-taste.  And not forgetting the Salmon was well.. pathetic.  See the pictures and you know what I mean.

See, the menu is pretty nice right?

Take a picture before the food arrives cos you won’t want to see my face after that.

The too-fat-spaghetti carbonara

See the pathetic salmon!  Gosh… What were they thinking?

After paying for lunch they gave us 3 milk candies.  As much as they are trying to be nice, I just think the candies doesn’t suits the restaurant.  What I mean is, when you are expecting a proper dining place, you don’t give your customers some cheap candies right?  Oh and another point to note, the ventilation is so bad you smell like “recycle-oil”.  *yikes*

Can you jive these candies with the restaurant?  Not me!

Anyway after lunch, we went to catch the movie, happy that it turns out worth while andrush straight to the competition area.  The finals for individuals started off around530pm, with 30 minutes time limit to finish the Samurai Sudoku puzzles (Note: Samurai Sudoku consist of 5 interlink classic sudoku puzzles).  When I went in I was  quite happy, but after the competition I look like this…

Why??  Cos I realised there was 3 persons that have submitted the puzzles before me andI thought I was fast enough already.  I remember seeing the timer at the main electronic board and I finished approximately 17 minutes 55 seconds or so.  And I was well, extremely sad cos only the Top 3 winners will represent Melaka region for the finals at Klang Valley next year.  =(

So we ended up lingering around the shopping mall again cos the prize presentation and winners announcement will start only at 8pm.  That’s like another 2 more hours.  hmmmph… To a point I actually wanted to leave cos I was quite sad la.  But then again they got 3 consolation prize of RM150 each.  So I waited…

Everyone waiting for the announcement…

And when they were announcing the winners for the consolation prize, my name wasn’t in there.  Almost crumbled down.  Then when they announce the 2nd Runner Up, it went to this Chinese guy that I remember he submitted AFTER me.  And I’ve already lost hope, I must have made mistakes in the cells.  To my suprise, when they announced the 1st Runner Up, it was actually my warrior number.  I was shock but of course happy la.  That means the 2 guys who submitted ahead of me must have make mistakes.  I was so happy.

Far-shot of me winning 2nd prize cos some people just lazy to help me take picture

Hahha… But then again I was happy withmy physically-big mock cheque.  But the stupid thing is, I only get my money next year.  Which I’m thinking of calculating Time Value of money with them… hmmm….  More pictures…

This is my look when the organisers trying to arrange “us” for a group picture

And everyone is discipline enough to pose for a shot or two… =)

Close-up of the devil

The dinal step, fill in particulars so they can prepare my payment…. next year!

Anyway after all the photo-taking, filling up forms etc, we went straight to Jonker Street for dinner.  Ate every small lil snacks andfoods we can find.  Jonker Street was my last stop for this Malacca trip.  Tired but fruitful.  Enjoy the food pictures

This uncle makes good popiah!! Only RM1.80

Mua-Chi coated with loads and loads of peanuts!

Then we stop by at this shop for a bowl of noodles and chendol

The wantan noodle reminds me of the wantan noodle i can have back in Muar

Mango Chendol (Nothing great, u can’t taste the mango but the gula melaka is heavenly)

Durian Chendol (Same thing, cos they don’t use the fresh fruit but just puree, so very normal only)

Oh I forgotten to add, the top 3 for each category (Individual, Student andSenior) will represent each region to a Grand Finals in Klang Valley.  =)

*love always, blur-devil*

BRAND’S = Essence of Chicken (with loads of variations of flavour as well as other health tonic).   But how can BRAND’S relate to SUDOKU, some of us may wonder.  So I came up with some theory, to be able to compete in SUDOKU, you need speed, accuracy and skill.  And BRAND’S promotes healthy drink and the BRAND’S Essence of Chicken promises to relive fatigue and promote mental alertness.  So voila, you do the equation.  🙂




On 12th July 2008, I was in Vivo City, Singapore for BRAND’S Sudoku Challenge Asia Pacific Open 2008.   In order to participate in this competition, all participant must meet with the pre-requisite which includes all of the following:-

  1. Must resides in the Asia Pacific region.
  2. Ranked Top 3 in a national level Sudoku competition or be nominated by a National Sudoku or Puzzle association to represent your country.
  3. Has recognised expert ability to solve Sudoku puzzles e.g. Participation in the Math Olympiad, MENSA member, etc


Vivo City, Singapore (Night View)



The day started with Singapore Open in the morning and there were a few Singaporean artiste to kick-off the competition which includes Felicia Chin, Chen Hanwei, Michelle Chia and Tay Ping Hui


Felicia Chin was the bubbly cute persona as ever.



Chen Hanwei, to me is a bit disappointing.  As far as i can remember, he used to be more charming than this.



Tay Ping Hui looks real “man” but think his appearance came to me as more un-friendly especially when i try to take a picture of him (and all I can take is such picture)… Another disappointment.



Michelle Chia really took me by suprise.  I knew she was consider one of the hot babes then, but little do I know she looks petite, sweet. fair and pretty in person!




But the only person I can’t take my eyes off is Utt!!!  He’s the ambasaddor for BRAND’S Essence of Chicken, hence he was there during the Sudoku tournament while the local artiste left after the Singaporean Open.  When I was in the hotel, I caught the advertisement that Utt was in this particular BRAND’S ad….



Then I couldn’t stop taking picture of Utt.  Kekekek (*giggle*)











Ok.. Back to topic.  At 2pm, all the teams from 7 countries (which includes Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, India, Philippines and Indonesia) queue to register for the Asia Pacific tournament.  The fee was at SGD10 and we receive a goodie bag consist of the Challenger Handbook and….. BRAND’S Essence of Chicken (what else).  9 representatives from Malaysia


Adrian + Me @ The Registration Counter




The Goodie Bag with Utt Picture 




The Essence of Chickensssss in the goodie bag



The “Challenger’s Handbook”



Mr Bala (Actively involve as organiser for various Sudoku competition in Malaysia)



Me before the start of the competition  🙂



Although the competition supposed to kick off at around 3pm, but the Singapore Open competition was delayed and we only manage to kick start our competition at 4pm.


Me with my lucky number, 21  🙂



The first round itself, it was a test of Speed with a Medium Puzzle to be solved and time limit of 30 minutes was given.  Only the Top 15 will be given points.  I manage to score 13 points for the first round.  As for the second round, all participants is required to solve a Taxing Puzzle with time limit of 30 minutes as a test of Skill.  I finish slightly late than the first 15 participants but definitely before the time limit of 30 minutes.  Then the during the 3rd Round, we are being tested on our Stamina with 10 Puzzles of Medium Puzzle to be solved within 20 minutes.  Each finished puzzle will be given 1 point.  I manage to finish 6 puzzles and manage to finish 85% of Puzzle 7.  Hence I scored 6 points (I think…heheh).


After all the 3 rounds, the points from all the First 3 round is tabulated and only the Top 15 (judge via the highest score) will qualified for the next round (Round 4).  I manage to secure 7th placing out of the 15 particiapnts.  The Malaysia participants did Malaysia proud by having 6 participants out of the Top 15.  In Round 4, all the 15 participants are required to finish one difficult puzzle and only the Top 5 is able to go for the final round to determine the winners.  I missed narrowly by seconds being the 6th to submit my completed puzzle  😦 .


On the Final Round (Round 5), the 5 finalist is required to finish 1 Expert Puzzle and 1 Difficult Puzzle in 50 minutes.  Sarah Jane Cua is from the Phillipines is the first to submit all correct entry, hence securing the First Prize of SGD10,000, Sumit Bothra from India secure the second place with winning prize of SGD5,000 and Fong Wei Yi from Malaysia secure 3rd place with winning prize of SGD2,500.  Cheryl Tan from Singapore (4th), Charrissa Cheng from Malaysia (5th) and me, the blur devil (6th) each received a consolation prize of SGD100 each.


Gift Appreciation for the Chief Judge



The winner for Singapore Open with winnings of SGD8,000!



Me (6th place) with my SGD100 prize presentation  🙂



Charrissa Cheng from Malaysia (5th placing)



Foong Wei Yi from Malaysia (3rd)



Sumit Bothra from India (2nd place)



Sarah Jane Cua from Phillipines  (Winner and SGD10,000 richer!)



Group Picture  🙂



Honestly, honestly, this competition is not too much of winning for me (of course if i win, its a bonus la) but its more of an exposure for me in terms of competing in the asia pacific level.  At least now I know i need to buff up in my speed and at the same time maintain my accuracy.  I hope there’s more Sudoku competition to come and let’s Sudoku together!


Last but not least, the most happy moment for me in this competition is none other than………………..


Taking picture with Utt!!!!!



Till we meet again ~ blur devil


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Last Saturday, I went for the Tesco Sudoku Challenge organise by Tesco Extra Cheras.  The most ironic thing is that I only saw the announcement by Mr Bala (the organiser for most Sudoku event in Malaysia) about this particular event.  And I’m glad that I actually registered for it *smirk*



After losing my confidence in the previous Sudoku challenge, I hesitated and I don’t really know where is Tesco in Cheras.  Barely been there…  Then after I think about it, its not really a super duper big competition, I just decided to go ahead and I do not really put too much expectation from me, the devil.


The competition attracted probably around 20+ or so competitor and one of the winner from NST Sudoku Competition winner was there.  I was super tension cos he’s sitting the same table as me…  😦


The competition started at 1.07pm with a total of 3 puzzles to be completed and time period given to complete the puzzles was 1 hour.  I admit I was a bit panic as the two guys next to me finish a minute earlier than me, but then end of the day I submitted my third puzzle at 115pm and I was the first one to submit all three puzzles.  But I did not get all excited immediately as I did not check my answers.  Lots of things was rushing through my mind (i.e.  What if i fill in the wrong number?  What if I leave certain spaces blank?)….


End of the day, when they announced the winner, hehhe …. and yup, I won and I’m glad… I know its not a big competition but it kinda help my ego, k…. hehhe…


Me with me RM200 Tesco Voucher… (heheh)



p/s : satan, thanks for bringing me there, else I won’t get this and I’ll definitely lost my way in err…. Cheras… let alone Tesco…. lol…


*hugs from blur-devil*

04 March 2008 

Puzzle One

Puzzle Origination : Malay Mail Page 37 Dated 04 March 2008 (Puzzle No. 614)

Difficulty : 3 out of 5 stars

Time Completed : 5 minutes

Puzzle Two

Puzzle Origination : The Star (Star Two Page T26 Dated 04 March 2008)

Difficulty : Unrated

Time Completed : 11 minutes

Puzzle Three

Puzzle Origination : The Daily Sudoku (Dated 29 February 2008)

Difficulty : Medium

Time Completed : 5 minutes

Puzzle Four

Puzzle Origination : The Daily Sudoku (Dated 02 February 2008)

Difficulty : Medium

Time Completed : 3 minutes

Puzzle Five

Puzzle Origination : The Daily Sudoku (Dated 27 February 2008)

Difficulty : Medium

Time Completed : 2 minutes

05 March 2008 

Puzzle One

Puzzle Origination : Malay Mail Page 37 Dated 05 March 2008 (Puzzle No. 615)

Difficulty : 2 out of 5 stars

Time Completed : 3 minutes

Puzzle Two

Puzzle Origination : The Star (Star Two Page T26 Dated 05 March 2008)

Difficulty : Unrated

Time Completed : 6 minutes

Puzzle Three

Puzzle Origination : The Daily Sudoku (Dated 02 January 2008)

Difficulty : Easy

Time Completed : 1 minutes

Puzzle Four

Puzzle Origination : The Daily Sudoku (Dated 04 January 2008)

Difficulty : Easy

Time Completed : 5 minutes

Puzzle Five

Puzzle Origination : The Daily Sudoku (Dated 06 January 2008)

Difficulty : Medium

Time Completed : 4 minutes

I actually only like started today playing an average 2 puzzles.

Puzzle One

Puzzle Origination : Malay Mail Page 37 Dated 03 March 2008

Difficulty : 3 out of 5 stars

Time Completed : 4 minutes

Puzzle Two

Puzzle Origination : The Daily Sudoku Dated 01 March 2008

Difficulty : Hard

Time Completed : 15 minutes (I suck….. hmmm)

*I shall work hard…tsk tsk tsk*

I Shall

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*just some random thoughts*


With my interest in Sudoku since 2005 (if my memory serves me correctly), I shall get back actively to practising my Sudoku again.


So far, I’ve been practising from the daily puzzles in The Star and Malay Mail newspaper.  And yup, I actually do time myself.  So now I shall make Sudoku part of my daily routine.  Minimum 2 puzzles a day (Puzzle difficulty = Medium and above).


To make sure I keep my words, I shall update my time daily on my blog. 


*The Devil Shall, Starting Tomorrow*

It took me a lot of courage to write this on my blog.  Cos I lost and I just can’t take it.  Nah, its not a great thing for most people, but it was to me.

Well Basically, last Saturday I took part in the MSIG Samurai Sudoku Showdown.  From the name itself, you would have know that it is sponsor by MSIG.  Goggle-d it up for yourself,  I don’t want to advertise for them here. (haha.. Unless they let me re-take part in the Grand Final Showdown in January)

I was there early, 9am+ so that I can get the earlier session.  See, not even the shops are open yet.  Yeah, I’m kiasu but I’m not late like other people. 


 The Organiser setting up the place @ One Utama

 This is what the event place looks like.  With 4 rows of long table.  One row of table can accommodate to 16 people at any one time.




See what they wear, cool right?



Then I proceed to register myself and I was known as Warrior for the day.





Most people are busy practising (while waiting la) but I don’t, cos I don’t see the need to and I never regretted, ok. (hahha)




Cos I was busy having my fix for the day!



Then it was time for Round 1.  I had to stick the stickers on my arms and wear the headband like a true samurai.





Out of the 600+ people who registered, only 300+ turn up for it.  The main problem is that it is free, hence they encouraged all types of people who will just registered for the fun of it.  They should have just impose a small fee and people will think twice before joining.


I went through Round 1 (Only 64 make it to Round 2 out of the 300+ people).  Then I make it to Round 2 too! Only 28 people make it to Round 3.  And they finally, finalise the 14 players out of the 28 people from Round 3!  I was one of the 14 people who make it to Round 3! 


The last round was held at 6pm.  But then I make a careless mistake in the Final Round!  Damn it damn it damn it.  I spend the whole day there ok!    I was aiming for Top 3 so that I will be qualified for the Grand Final Showdown in January! Damn it….  Some of you might never know how i feel, but my ego was so so so bruised and I sulk the whole day!


Anyway this is the picture of the winners and the 14 people who make it to the finals (Picture taken with the CEO of MSIG).  Anyway, Adrian, if you happen to read my blog, Congratulations for making it to the Top 3 and please practice more and get the First Prize!



I will definitely be back next year!


*Blur-Devil itching for revenge*